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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Cell Phone Headset for Motor Cycle Riders

Cardo Systems Launches Headset That Provides Wireless Freedom to Motorcyclists
The New Scala-Rider Bluetooth Headset by Cardo Systems, Inc. Offers Unmatched Wireless Capabilities, Hands-Free Use of Cellphone While Riding a Motorcycle
Cardo Systems, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless Bluetooth devices for the consumer market, today began shipping the Scala-Rider, a unique Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets.
Specially designed for motorcycle helmets, the Scala-Rider includes a wind-resistant microphone that provides clear audio for communicating while riding a motorcycle at speeds of up to 75 m/h. Unlike any competing product, the scala-rider also offers unique voice control functions that allow users to accept or reject incoming calls without the need to let go of the handlebar. To add further safety the scala-rider also features an embedded sensor that adjusts the volume level according to driving speed and ambient noise.
The fashionable Scala-Rider kit works with all Bluetooth mobile phones* and offers superb functionality ease of use and assembly. The unit attaches to the helmet without glue or other intrusive means and its super slim speaker fits all helmets.

Scala-Rider Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycle Helmets at MobileWhack.


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