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Sunday, July 31, 2005

James Bond Stealth Digital Camera

There is finally a hi-tech gadget from Q's laboratory that can be had by the measly (albeit smart) masses who are not fortunate enough to carry a license to kill. Not even the likes of Auric Goldfinger would imagine that this inconspicuous Zippo look-alike actually contains a digital camera capable of holding over 300 images.

The JB1 uses ST Micro technology to capture highly-detailed images with incredibly small file sizes. After all, you can't imagine James Bond stopping in the middle of a mission to insert another memory card, can you? Sneaking a pic indoors is kept stealthy thanks to LiteSync technology that allows you to take clear images in fluorescent lighting without using a flash.

When your mission requires an especially deft touch, use the JB1's surveillance mode to automatically capture images at preset intervals up to 90 minutes apart, spanning up to nineteen days! Of course, you can also capture video clips with sound, so you can record that elusive piece of evidence wherever you may find it.

This little gadget can also come in handy when you need to take a quick mental note, thanks to its voice recording function. This tiny little gem will record up to 12 minutes of crystal clear audio, so you don't forget any important pieces of information. A nice touch for a secret agent, or an everyday businessman who aspires to be one...

Technical Specifications available at ThinkGeek Gadgets


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